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Why should I help The Crohn's Disease Initiative?
There are few researchers directly investigating the cause of Crohn's disease. Most research is focused on the secondary features of the disease or on the symptoms of the disease rather than the actual cause, the elusive "trigger". It is not that they don't care, but in todays competitive grants market, possible failure is not an option to either obtain grants or to foster your career. Trying to find the cause has the possibility of failure and thus it is avoided. That's not to mention the impact and pressures from the pharmaceutical industry.

We are taking the risk because we believe that we have the resources and expertise that minimize the political and professional risks of failure that seeking the cause of Crohn's disease posses. However, the politics of this effort hinders our ability to obtain adequate funding for our projects and we need your help.
How can I help The Crohn's Disease Initiative?
There are many things you can do to help us resolve this issue and bring to light any role this organism has in Crohn's disease. Get involved in our project and initiative by:
  • Join The Crohn's Disease Initiative Project. For a small membership fee, you can join The Crohn's Disease Initiative and have access to certain parts of the site which are not available to the general public, including the ability to interact and ask questions (including private) of the investigators on the project. Join The Crohn's Disease Initiative

  • Make a Donation. As we strive to address this issue, we will undoubtedly suffer financial restraints which will impede our progress and efforts. As such, any donation you would like to make would be greatly appreciated. We have established a variety of donation and sponsorship classes to suit your individual interests. Make a Donation

  • Pass the Word Around. There is no better way to support The Crohn's Disease Initiative than to spread the word and let as many people as possible know about what we are trying to achieve. If everyone helps just a little, we will make major strides. Here are a few ways you can help spread the word:

  • Tell your friends and family to visit The Crohn's Disease Initiative Website. Maybe when they visit and learn what we are attempting to accomplish, they will join our project, make a donation, or both.

  • Use your facebook page to promote our project, website, and overall efforts to increase awareness. Recommend the same to your family and friends.

  • Twitter Us. If you use Twitter, use Twitter as a means to increase awareness of our efforts. The more people we can get involved, from patients and friends to Scientists, the greater opportunities we will have to make major advances.

  • Community Forums and Blogs are a great way to promote The Crohn's Disease Initiative Website and our efforts. If you are not a blogger or otherwise a contributor to forums, now might be a good time to start and spread the word.

  • YouTube Videos are also a great method of spreading the word. People love to watch videos, whether serious or humorous, so make a video and promote The Crohn's Disease Initiative in your presentation. You might be surprised how much attention you can get from a video.
If we all get together and promote the efforts of The Crohn's Disease Initiative, we can together develop the resources needed to finally bring resolution to the cause of Crohn's disease.

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