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By becoming a member of The Crohn's Disease Initiative, you become an active participant in our research efforts and goals, and know that you are taking an active part in addressing this important and controversal subject. We recognize that our methods of "fundraising" for our research efforts may be unconventional, but after 80+ years, it is time to think outside-the-box or allow this controversy to continue for another 80-years or more. It is our belief that far too many patients have suffered unnecessarily and we intend to bring this to an end.

As a member of The Crohn's Disease Initiative, you will have direct access and the ability to communicate with the scientists involved in this research effort through our Question and Answer forum and blog, you'll be kept informed of our research efforts and progress, and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

Membership in The Crohn's Disease Initiative is a donation of only $25.00 a year. Join us and help us solve this problem once and for all!!

Although we would like to offer free membership, we have elected to impose a membership fee because:

  1. The imposition of a modest membership fee will ensure that members are truly interested in the research efforts and do not fill our discussions and blogs with irrelevant material that need to be edited and increase our operational costs.

We hope you understand our position and that our imposition of a membership fee does not hinder your participation in our efforts.

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