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Investigators and Collaborating Scientists of The Crohn's Disease Initiative
The Crohn's Disease Initiative greatly appreciates the time, effort and expertise of the Investigators and Colaborating Scientists of The Crohn's Disease Initiative.
My Picture Rod Chiodini, Ph.D.
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences
St. Vincent Healthcare & Montana State University
1500 University Dr
Billings, MT 59101 US
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Research Statement:
Over 30-years ago, I made a personal committment to finding the cause and cure of Crohn's disease. Although there have been lapses in my efforts, my committment remains and I am actively pursuing those goals. The logical evidence suggests a bacterial cause of Crohn's disease and if others are willing to ignore the facts, I am not.

My Picture William Chamberlin, MD
St. Vincent Healthcare
1144 N Broadway, Ste C
Billings, MT 59101 US
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Research Statement:
As a clinical gastroenterologist, in addition to the general support of the project, I am specifically responsible for all clinical aspects of the program including, but not limited to, recruiting other clinical gastroenterologists, obtaining tissue and biopsy materials, recruiting and obtaining patient consent, patient monitoring, and setting up and monitoring clinical trials.

My Picture Susan Galandiuk, MD
Department of Surgery
University of Louisville
550 South Jackson Street
Louisville, KY 40202 US
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Research Statement:
Dr. Galandiuk is a world renowned colorectal surgeon with a long standing expertise and specialty in inflammatory bowel disease. The University of Louisville is the primary source of human intestinal tissues used in laboratory studies.

My Picture Scot Dowd, Ph.D.
Molecular Research Laboratory
503 Clovis Road
Shallowater, TX 79363 US
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Research Statement:
Dr Dowd is a seasoned scientific researcher with years of experience in applied bioinformatics, developing and controlling next generation sequencing workflows, troubleshooting all aspects of molecular and next generation sequencing processes as well as developing next generation bioinformatics and biostatistical analysis pipelines, including microbiome, metagenome, genome, and transcriptome assembly and annotation becoming a prolific mover of next generation technology in the fields of microbial ecology. Dr. Dowd provides sequencing expertise to the research efforts.

My Picture Brian Davis, MD
Department of Surgery
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
4800 Alberta Ave
El Paso, TX 79905 US
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Research Statement:
I am a general surgeon at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the University Medical Center. My role in this research project is to obtain resected surgical tissues and blood from patients with Crohn's disease and controls for use in this research program. Because of my long standing affiliation and friendship with Dr. Galandiuk (Susan), I will also be acting as liaison between Montana State University and the University of Louisville.

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